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Products > Clay Tile
Clay TileClay Tile is a fired earthenware tile used on floor or wall. Called Quarry Tile when used for flooring. It's is characterized by a natural look.
Size(mm): [All] 60X240, 115X600, 145X600, 150X300, 295X600, 300X300, 300X600, Others,
Color: [All] Whites / Ivory, Beiges, Grays, Browns / Tans, Reds / Pinks, Blacks, Oranges, Blues, Purple, Greens,
Usage: [All] Interior Wall, Exterior Wall, Bathroom or Kitchen Floor, Outdoor Floor,
Body Texture: [All] Flat, Linear, Shallow bump,
Surface Treatment: [All] Full Body, Roller Printing,
Glossiness: [All] Matte Finish,
Style: [All] Ancient, Modern,
Thickness: [All]

Clay Tile - Clay Wall Tile and Brick
Clay Tile - Clay Wall Tile and Brick
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