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UAE Guangdong Chamber of Commerce examine Foshan Ceramic Industrial zone

Author : Date : 10/31/2012 11:10:30 PM

Hope with the power of the Chamber of Commerce, Foshan enterprises into the Middle East to promote the goods. In recent years, the Middle East market has been the growth point of the ceramic industry in Foshan, the UAE Guangdong Chamber of Commerce yesterday led his unit came to examine in Foshan, Foshan Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT), exchange with ceramic building materials enterprises.

The Middle East market is the target development emerging markets in Foshan ceramic industrials, and UAE as the stronghold of the Middle East market, is the important market for import and export enterprises.

By the impact of the financial crisis, the UAE market growth has slowed this year, from January to August, the total import and export volume from China ceramic original $ 440 million, growth fell to 4.75%. "However, in the case of the downturn in the European market, Middle East market is still wish for Foshan enterprises."

The Chamber of UAE Guangdong Commerce, Foshan ceramic building materials enterprises with cost advantage and deep secret agents in the UAE has always been competitive, since 2008, Foshan ceramic enterprises occupy a ceramic export market in the Middle East. However, he mentioned, in recent years, the Foshan ceramics in the Middle East market is facing domestic Zibo region challenge, the traditional marketing model is being challenged, and how to mobilize more avenues open market will be the biggest issue of the Foshan enterprises.