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Ceramic Wood Tile

Ceramic Wood Tile Ceramic Wood Tile Ceramic Wood Tile Ceramic Wood Tile
Product name : Ceramic Wood Tile Item : Wood look ceramic Tile
Size(mm) : 150X600, 200X1000

Color : Whites / Ivory, Beiges, Grays, Browns / Tans, Reds / Pinks, Blacks, Oranges

Usage : Interior Wall, Exterior Wall, Interior Floor, Bathroom or Kitchen Floor

Body Texture : Flat, Shallow bump

Surface Treatment : Glazed, Digital Inkjet Printing, Roller Printing

Glossiness : Glossy, Matte Finish, Frosted Surface

Style : Ancient, Others

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wood tile

--- What is "ceramic wood look tile"?
Ceramic wood look tiles are made by digital technologies that collect the precious wood color and texture, such as silkwood, rosewood etc. Then print the specimens color and texture into ceramic tile through the HD in ink jet printing, digital mould engraving and multilayered glaze technology. If go with European style decoration, or Mediterranean style, it would make a more classic look.
Apply Place: living-room, dining-room, bedroom, balcony etc.
Popular Size: 150X600mm, 200X1000mm,
Other Size available: 300X600mm, 600X600mm, 600X900mm
ceramic wood tile
--- What is the characteristics of "ceramic wood look tile"?
A) Health and environmental protection: does not contain formaldehyde or any harmful substances.
B) High thermal efficiency, vertical heat dissipate: warm in winter and cool in summer, suitable for indoor space.
C) No deformation against plumrain season: thickness and hardness are more superior than wood flooring. No deformation under any weather conditions.
D) Easy Maintenance, water-proof and fire-proof: insulation, completely flame retardant, low water absorption rate, moisture-proof, acid and alkali resistant, anti-moth, wear-resistant, long life-cycle.
E) Variety Choice: imitate birch, oak, walnut, rosewood and other wood characteristics, color shades optional.
F) Vivid quality with stereo effect: using 3D ink-jet technology to acquire stereo effect and keep the "primary side" and grains of solid wood flooring..

150X600mm  Ceramic Wood Tile
ceramic wood tile 150X600mm
wood tile 150X600mm

200X1000mm, Ceramic Wood Look Tile
wood look ceramic tile 200X1000mm

--- The different between "wood flooring" and "wood look tile"

  Traditional wooden floors Leiyuan ceramic wood like tile
Harmful material (such as formaldehyde) Indoor pollution first "killer". Traditional wooden tile may release formaldehyde slowly up to 15 years, geothermal will make formaldehyde to release faster and can cause serious diseases like infants deformity. Formaldehyde-free, non-toxic
Geothermal and rainy season 1. Under the same environment, traditional wooden floors could achieve the same temperature effect lower 5 degrees than ceramic material.

2. With temperature, humidity changes, wooden tile may produce paint detonation, bagging, cracks, corruption, even burning and other issues.


1. Energy-saving and efficient, more suitable for geothermal season.

2. Eliminate objective influence of the environment floor from material itself.

Mothproof, anti-termite Easy be destroyed by insects and chewed by termites. Can't be destroyed by insects and chewed by termites.
Wear-resisting, anti-slip effect Waxing, painting, poor wear-resisting and anti-slip effect. High-temperature firing, seamless, excellent wear resistant and anti-slip effect.
Foot touching feeling. Elastic, foot touching feels good, but has big echo. Smaller elastic, foot touching feels relaxed, anechoic.
Daily maintenance Require frequent maintenance, such as waxing, painting, flat, renovation, moisture, mothproof etc. Normal cleaning


--- How is the "ceramic wood look tile" marketable roomage?
The ceramic wood look tiles have overcome many shortcomings of the solid wood floor tile. After a series of market research, it shows the ceramic wood look tiles market will have an upward trend. The characteristics of moisture-proof, wear-resistant, high temperature resistance are well received by consumers. The practicality of ceramic wood look tile is stronger than solid wood floor tile. With ceramic wood look tile development, it will certainly seize some market share in the wooden floor tile. Ceramic wood look tiles leading the trend is bound to be where the popular trend is in a few years.

--- Actual View of "Wood Tile"
wood tile wood look tile

ceramic wood tile

wood floor tile wood ceramic tile

--- Application of "Wood Tile"
Wood Tile can use for Bedroom, Living Room, Study Room, Restaurant Floor, Bathroom Floor, Outside Floor, Bar, Background, Shopping Mall etc.

--- Installation Instructions of "Wood Look Tile"
According to the proportion, lay up the Main Wood like tiles parallel interlocking to return to the original condition of forest, lay up tiles in different colors and specifications staggered to show fashionable personality. Use 1/9, 2/8, 4/6 as the lay-up proportion instead of 5/5. Apply 1000×200mm for large space to show ennoblement, while using 600×150mm to release gentle and elegance for smaller space.

--- Open groove and flushing of Ceramic "Wood Look Tile"
It’s better to open groove for wood like tiles, 2-3mm is enough for 600×150mm tiles and 3-5mm for 1000×200mm tiles. Regarding the choice of joint mixture, if you want to highlight the effect of ceramic tiles’ stereo sense, please choose the tile in strong contrast with the color of joint mixture and please choose the joint mixture in the same color with tile if you need uniform or harmony.

--- Cleanness of "Wood Like Tile"
Normally, using water and standard neutral detergent can complete cleanness since our wood like tiles are resistant to dirt. Combining detergent with a little ammonia water can shin the tiles.

Dirt Type Cleanness Method
Daily Cleanness Water, detergent, soap
Precipitate, rust Dilute hydrochloric acid or sulfuric acid
Paint, marker pen Turpentine, acetone
Ink oxalic acid
Coffee, juice organic solvent (acetone, triethylene)
Beer, wine, ice cream acid solvent
Oil stain acid solvent


New Arrival--Flash Sale (Oct.1 to Oct.31)!
More surprises for our old customers! Don’t miss the good opportunity!
Welcome you contact us for details at once!
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